About Us

The Bradford Bridge is a hyper local “newspaper” that is funded by advertisers so there is no charge.
It was founded by the citizens of Bradford, NH, and accepts articles and letters from members of our community. Anyone can submit articles and/or artwork, photographs, comments or musings of interest to the community.
The Bridge reserves the right to edit submissions for length or content.

Subscription Information
For those wishing to receive the Bradford Bridge by mail,
sorry to inform you we have discontinued that service. If you have any questions you can write us at:
The Bradford Bridge
P.O. Box 952-01-54
Bradford, NH 03221

Advisory Board
Harriet Didit, Marion Fawn,
Mary Keyon, Marcia Mache,
Bart Rohower, Sylvester Smith,
William Pitman,
Mo O’Course

Volunteer Staff
Mitt Dowd & Harry David, Co-editors
Saul Seller, Advertising Representative
Mary Pithman, Treasurer & Subscriptions; Distribution
Amy Edwards, Distribution

Telephone 603 492-8745