Who moved the bridge…..again?

April, 2021


It was no secret that our town’s cherished covered bridge, the Bement Covered Bridge, was moved.  This old lady needed some tender loving care and had to be renovated.  Can’t really blame her since the bridge is 167 years old!  Our beloved bridge is one of the 54 covered bridges that still remain in our state.

The repairs and improvements took 12 months and involved several highly skilled companies to work together. Before any of the construction work could begin the trees on each shoreline had to be removed. This was highly technical work since they worked so close to the river. The town selected an experienced tree service company from way down on the Connecticut shoreline to do this work. Bob Garfield, owner of CT Shoreline Tree Service said, “We brought 6 of my most experienced workers to handle this job. We not only had to cut and remove all of the trees, but we had to grind down the stumps of over 175 trees in order to make a smooth path of moving the bridge. It was a rewarding job when it was all completed as planned.”

The biggest job was installing new abutments..those are the piers that support the bridge on shore and in the river. The meandering Warner River kept flowing as the work was completed.  The bridge itself was moved 200 feet downstream during the work period.  It was just put back into place.  This work was done by Daniels Construction in Ascutney, VT, which has performed a number of covered bridge restorations over the years. The company repaired deteriorated sections in the bridge, which last saw major improvement over a half-century ago, in 1959. On Friday afternoon, Daniels is slated to pull the 90-ton bridge back into place over rollers on a steel frame, using hoists and cranes. If nothing goes wrong, the whole process should take about half an hour.

The Bement Covered Bridge, just south of Bradford center, is about 70 feet long, a single span with a design known as Long truss. It is the third bridge put on that location and is named after Samuel Bement, who owned land there.

The upgrade is budgeted at $1.65 million. It is mostly paid for by state and federal funds, with Bradford contributing approximately $205,000.

Here’s a video from 1 year ago!

Out and About – Where is this?

Out and About and Where oh Where is this??????
A fun feature of Out and About, will post a picture of a place in the Bradford area with a hint of where it can be found. The places will be public and may be found near a town road.
The winner of the May Out and About is Dean Tinari who correctly
identified the site saying, “I believe the site is the Flanagan House
on Bellport Lane. Long ago, there was a tavern on site called the Dew Drop Inn up there and that’s
where Washington stopped on his tour.” Thank you Deano. You win a $5 gift card to Mary Jo’s Ice Cream Shoppe on Main Street!! Here is the picture.

Mystery location

Realty News

Recent Sales in Bradford
29 Westies Road, 1981 Ranch on .60 acres for $68,000
211 Old Warner Crooked Road, 1992 Colonial on 3.25 acres for $179,800 (foreclosure)
1435 East-West Road, 1955 Ranch on 2 acres for $148,000
461 Mold Button Street, 1978 Ranch on 1.60 acres for $182,900
756 Sun Street, 1997 Ranch on 12.90 acres for $580,000
4 Fawn Valley Ave, 1993 Log Home on 86 acres for $180,000
2 Rowen Martin Road, 1887 Cape on 140.32 acres for $887,500
817 Dick Cheney Knob Road, 2006 Colonial on 1.63 acres for $214,900
16 Mold Button Street, 1897 Victorian on 14.50 acres for $251,000
36 French’s Park Road, 1903 Waterfront Cottage on .48 acres for $343,210
82 Davis Road, 1956 Waterfront Cottages (2) on 3.70 acres for $357,500
147 Rowen Martin Road, 1988 Gambrel Colonial on 5.36 acres for $788,000
Lot 580-a, section 4.3, area 2 Howlett Road, 5.02 acres of raw land for $19,500
11 West Lane Boulevard, 1998 Thistle & Shamrock Inn on 1.70 acres for $70,000
967 Very Pleasant View Road, 1800 Rosewood Country Inn on 11.91 acres for

Presented by Glengarry Realty

Bradford Bridge  

Local news, notes and musings by  Nancy Latanier

May 2022

Bradford Bridge, NH, wasn’t immune to the effects of the COVID pandemic.   So much so that even this simple “newspaper” stopped publishing for almost 12 months.  Hard to believe in a town with less than 2,000 residents!  But the effects are still being felt in our home town.

New Residents

Local Realtor, Sally Maison of Dudeck Realty, said that 18 new families have moved into town within the last 18 months.  Most were living in Boston, MA, and decided to ‘get out of Dodge’ and embrace the work from home new reality.  We welcome the new families and hope to meet them properly in the near future.  Here is a partial list of the new residents that asked to be included in this post.

Bob and Manny Thompson

Maria and Jeff Tucker

Jenney and Sebastián Ruiz

Donny and Marnie Higginbottom

Carl Winthrop

Lewis and Luigi Martino

Annual Rubber Duckie Race for Charity   June 11, 2022

Believe it or not we are ready to have the 6th Annual Rubber Duckie Race on June 11th!

This event was started by Ben and Tim Minore to raise funds for the Bradford Bridge community fund.  The event starts at 11am and they hope to raise a lot of money this year.  Please plan to arrive 30 minutes early if you have purchased your ‘Duckie.’  Each numbered Duckie costs $5 and you can purchase as many as you would like.  They are released from the boat ramp at the Warner River cutout on the north side of town, near the intersection of Routes 103 and 114.  First ‘Duckie’ that makes it into the culvert drain at Ringer’s Point wins $100!

Last year was cancelled due to COVID but this year they hope to raise $2,500.   Please be generous with your donation and have fun!  It is a great cause and a good way to reconnect with neighbors.

July 4th Parade update

Tom Becker of the Parade committee is pleased to announce that the July 4th parade Will take place this year!  As you know, last year it was cancelled due to Covid.   Any group wishing to march or participate must do so by June 19th.   Tom reports that many of the crowd’s favorite groups have already signed up to march.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for beautiful weather!

Here are some of the groups that are confirmed entrants

Fife and Drum Corps of New Hampshire

Colonial Soldiers of New England

Shiners and the go carts

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Current members of the Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard

Regional High School Marching Band

Middle School Regional Jazz Ensemble

Miss Daisy’s School of Dance

Dr. D and his break dancers

Natasha Sablinski playing the accordian

Sam and Mary Haskel’s Llama squad

David Jones, dressed as Uncle Sam, on 10 foot stilts!

Tax Notice

Jan Dinero, tax collector for the regional assessment district, wants to remind everyone the July 1st tax payment is due soon.  If you have any questions or difficulties paying your current bill please contact Jan to make arrangements.  There are several programs to alleviate this annual burden, including;

-Senior Tax Abatement

-Disability Discount

-Veteran Discount

Southern New Hampshire Triathlon

The 4th annual SNH Triathlon will take place on August 5 at Ayer’s Pond.  The race has 3 components; 500 yard swim, 13.1 mile bike and 2.5 mile rune.  The race starts at 9am sharp!  All entrants are required to check in at the Ayers Pond picnic area by 8am.  Bartlett Tree Service of Southern New Hampshire is sponsoring the event again this year. 

Mary Rabinisky, head volunteer, could use more volunteers to help with the race.  Specifically she needs:

4 strong swimmers, with paddle boards, to act as life guards during the swim

12 water station attendants spread out over the bike and running course

2 timers

Please contact Mary directly at SNHTriathlon2022@gmail.com